If you feel trapped inside of your own experience, unable to productively process, articulate, and leverage the power of your personal story as it relates to your clinical brand, this is the place for you. Stories connect. Stories sell.


Social media sales and marketing gurus ALL agree...storytelling is THE key to building successful relationships grounded in trust, credibility, and transparency in the online market. But how?

  • How does a healthcare professional share vulnerability in a way that signifies true core values and belief systems, without appearing too bold, too obvious? 
  • How can we 'put ourselves out there', without inadvertently screaming 'desperation', 'opportunistic', or 'unprofessional'? 
  • How do you effortlessly snag the attention on platforms that are inherently noisy and congested?
  • How can you create the authentic, enthusiastic presence that leaves your friends, patients, followers, and prospects, SEEKING OUT your content.
  • How does a person become magnetic solely through digital communication? 

Here, you'll learn skills that have taken me several years to hone. You'll condition your market, your patients, to trust you, before EVER meeting you.  You'll communicate in a way that eliminates the often reluctant, skeptics based tendencies of the internet. You'll solidify relationships with ease. You'll grow confidence in what you have to offer. You'll feel GOOD about HOW you share your experiences and develop authentic resonation with humans who NEED your help! You'll essentially learn the ART of selling/buying HEARTS. 

Physical therapy is my first 'love' profession, my craft.

Storytelling is my gift. I take a vested interest in story. Your story. Teaching you how to spill your guts is my mission.

...and I'm ready to share it, with you.


Authentically Yours,

Dr.Chanelle J Yoder, PT, DPT

Creator of 'The Enchantment Method' 


"This course came to me at the perfect time, my relationship with Chanelle came at the perfect time. This course has allowed me to complete a deep introspection in ways that I didn’t understand I needed, then armed me with the tools necessary to share my discoveries with my audience in a profound and powerful way. I could never thank Chanelle enough for the ways in which she has changed my life. "

Enchantment Testimonial
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Go ahead.

Take a peek at the ever elusive, ground-breaking curriculum blowing the minds of talented and invested clinicians everywhere.

The Enchantment Method is an experience you aren't expecting. It is a DEEP-DIVE into WHO you are, HOW you got to be that way, and WHERE it fits into your career, your relationships, and your connections. It is the missing link to your marketing, your copy, your conversations, and your sales confidence. It extracts your why, and eliminates your confusion surrounding content creation and niche significance. It is your 8-week self-worth, self-ownership, complete craftsmanship bootcamp. 

Go ahead, see for yourself.


Content that awakens your urgency to adopt the story-like mindset. This shit is science. Evidenced-based. If you want attention and the opportunity to cut through digital noise, story is a non-negotiable asset. You'll learn more here.

Well, okay then. I'm ready.


Yep. Two weeks of personalized growth and understanding of YOUR story, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your magic. There is a reason you have yet to share your transparency, and here, we find out why and obliterate your reservations.
Damn. Break down my shit!


A module in understanding the art of confidence and the POWER in both personal and professional transparency. Module two breaks you down to the foundation of who you are, and this module begins to build upon THAT.
YAS! Build me up!


Yes, week four combines confidence in who you are and what you non-clinically offer, with the non-negotiable medium of vulnerability! This module outlines the common misnomers of vulnerability, and details the art of sharing in the digital space.
Teach me how to be seen!


CRAFTSMANSHIP OF STORY! This week we learn how to format, structure, and combine thoughtful ideas into relevant context that promotes visibility and enchantment with your audience.

Sold. Sign me up.


A module teaching you the art of distribution, which always plays a part in giving you that last shove of confidence necessary to become a committed and excited story-marketer.

Ready to flaunt it!


This week, you not only begin sharing your story-based content, but you also learn how to productively initiate and respond to engagement and interactions from your shares! This is where relationships are harvested and developed!

Close my gap!


Your business is MORE than your skillset. Your ability to seamlessly weave who you are into what you share and how you communicate, IS YOUR BRAND. You are your empire, and this module is a monster!

Brand me!


A module detailing the art of telling your patients stories, and how to tactfully gain the necessary information you need, ALONG THE JOURNEY, that will help you effortlessly SELL YOUR SOLUTIONS.

Just call me Beyonce, bitch.

"Click the link, put out the payment and PREPARE to be absolutely and positively changed. It'll be some hard work and some soul searching but that will lead to better EVERYDAY interactions... And THAT will lead to more business!"

Enchantment Testimonial
Doctor of Physical Therapy


Are you ready to understand yourself on levels you cannot currently comprehend? Are you ready to develop content that deeply matters to both you and your audience, and create connections that form REAL relationships? Are you ready to own your self, your brand, and your magic?


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