Life Post-Narcissism: Volume I

Apr 05, 2019

He sucked me in with SO MUCH FUCKING ADORATION, that I could not see straight for months. It was as if I was walking around with a blatant sign on my forehead : "empath, loves healing others, loves empowering others, and just had her heart smashed in a identity-shaking divorce to her high-school sweetheart."

That was the truth. I was all of those, and it made my hungry, hopeless heart even more vulnerable to the coldest, most destructive fucked-up relationship of my entire life...and I know that you know what I mean. 

It didn't matter that he habitually cheated on me no more than 6 months into our relationship. It didn't matter that he had a raging porn and phone-sex addiction. It didn't matter that he put me down, only so he could feel the power in bringing me back up. It didn't matter that he lied about literally everything, on any given day. It didn't matter that he regularly, purposefully withheld affection from me, only sprinkling in moments of redemption just long enough...

GAH! I've gotta finish it now!!!!

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