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Thanks for navigating this far on your quest to truth and an anti-mediocre life and career! Let's figure out if what I enthusiastically offer, is right for you and your vision! 

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Hey there! Below, write 3 sentences that best describe the place you are at in your life/career/relationships, and what intrigues you MOST about working with Chanelle.

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Which of the following choices BEST describes your attitude to online content?


What content?


The more superficial, the better.


The internet is not a place to blend personal with professional you crazy bitch.


Blending what I do with who I am is very ideal, but i'm clueless where to start.

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Which of the following descriptors most accurately depict you?

(Select all that apply)

Personable in real-life, but awkward online.


Intuitive AF.


Crave real conversation and meaning in life.


Worried that people misunderstand me when I write.

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What interests you MOST about joining the Enchantment Method family?

Question 5 of 6

The Enchantment Method family is an open and honest community for clinicians seeking personal development and growth grounded in truth. Give us insight into the reasons why you should be trusted with access to a vulnerable community that has been so carefully harvested.

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Anything else you would love the team and Chanelle to know about you as we consider your application for an interview into this badass opportunity?

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