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An unprecedented, personal development bootcamp meets luxe, 5-star experience, designed exclusively for clinicians ready to live confidently as their highest self.

Relationships, career, money, business.

Abundance activated you bad bitch.










go ahead. . .

give less fucks.

You know you want to.

You know that's what's missing from your life, your decision-making processes.


You run over every possibility in your mind, a minimum of 30 times before executing (if ever), and live in a perpetually anxious, exhausted mental state.

You join every free group on the planet, opt-into every free resource available, absorb ALL things inspirational, get excited at ALL things motivational, and then....


the unrelentless self-doubt, conflicting external advice, and chronic self-deprecating internal voices.

 You don't know which ones to believe.

...and THAT is your problem.


You never consider believing in your SELF, let alone unequivocally trust it.

So, the standard questions enter your mind before executing on ANY life decision on ANY given day:


"Who will I piss off?"

"Who will tell me I'm too pricey?"

"Who won't like me anymore?"

"Who will call me greedy?"

"Who will question my motives?"

"Who will criticize my character?"

"Who will think I'm over-sharing?"

"Who will I lose if I decide to grow?"




No wonder you're tired all the damn time.

No wonder you dread sales calls.

No wonder you post generic ass content.

No wonder your sex life sucks.

No wonder your friendships feel one-sided.

No wonder you feel better about showing up for others MORE than you do for your damn SELF.

No wonder you fly under the radar at all cost

(but then act pissed that you aren't 'being seen' or influencing action for your audience niche)


Surviving....kind of.


At odds....most times.


And at the end of the day, you're left wondering if maybe the career you chose just isn't right for you. Or perhaps the relationship you're in is just in a rut. Or your business is just in its slow, start-up phase....whatever TF that means.


Well, you're welcome.

Because I call bullshit.


Don't seem so shocked.

You knew I was coming for you.


I'm glad we've cleared the air.


....that is exactly what I am here to do.

Help you filter the air you breathe in, so you can quit being so toxic to your damn self, for once & for all.

"me? toxic? no, you've got it all wrong..."

oh do I?

Think again.

the ONLY concept keeping you from the life you want:

🥰 the relationship you want.

🤩 the business you want.

👩‍⚕️ the career fulfillment you want.

🤑 the wealth you want.

...are the thoughts you think.

...and the thoughts you think, are a direct reflection of the self-image you unconsciously live by.

So, yes. Limiting beliefs constructs are a result of polluted pathways.

A toxic frame of mind.



past experiences that code your perceived identity, your reactions, your belief systems, and your coping mechanisms.

How you feel about you, determines what you allow into your life.

It isn't the sexy answer and it isn't the uncomplicated answer, but it's the real one,



A hefty dose of reality, I know.

"So now what?"

We discuss your intimately curated EXPERIENCE of a lifetime & how you will discover your highest self.


Close your eyes and imagine waking up to the secluded San Jose Del Cabo locale alongside the vast Sea of Cortez, where, simply, you are taken care of. No need unmet. New needs founded.

All-Inclusive LUXURY

Enjoy 6 INSANE days, 5 nights of complete luxe pampered living. Beautifully crafted meals by our own private chef, housekeeping, private transfers, serene healing climate, conducive to our work together. Spa, excursions, 5-star experiences that leave you feeling worthy AF and completely unstoppable.


Feel like a million dollars, then make a million dollars.

All-Inclusive GROWTH

Individualized, custom Enneagram-etiology based coaching, designed to deep dive into distinguishing between your currently resonated self and your HIGHEST SELF, detangling past experiences from current realities to uncover the patterns you unknowingly deploy that keep you stuck, afraid, and give too many fucks.


Know yourself intimately, then grow yourself effectively.

All-Inclusive EXPANSION

Mindset mastery now unlocked, you will expand the expectations of what you can achieve by learning tools catered specifically to YOU in order to better understand and ACCEPT complete abundance of wealth, healthy relationships, business identity, and your highest calling as a professional and human being.


Learn what you do not know about abundance, then manifest it.

W T F, right?

you ain't kidding.

Developing this experience has been a dream.

Curating a curriculum grounded from my heart and expanding upon the teachings I have already deployed to shift the lives of my mentees, has been extraordinary.

No detail left spared.

I personally guarantee the experience of a lifetime....

the type of experience that lives on within you forever:

as you evolve your highest self, your relationships, your career, your business...

but most importantly, your belief in what is possible for you


the intuition that quiets the toxic brain chatter and creates rewarding endeavors void of chronic imposter syndrome ridden paralyzation.

Are you ready to cut the bullshit & feel higher? 

I thought so. Let's see if you are an ideal fit.

Apply below, and I will contact ideal applicants for a private 1-on-1 ZOOM interview to discuss the opportunity further, in the coming 2 weeks. It is very important to me that the right candidates are invited to this growth retreat.

I respect your time, your resources, and your life trajectory immensely.

Only the most ready, for you.

Once I have my ideal 8-10 badasses, I will close interviews.











You're sold on the idea of transforming your entire life, but your detail-oriented, worry-ridden brain undoubtedly still has enough questions to kill the euphoria.

fine! enjoy some more details for you to emotionally binge on that will only make you even more aware of the FOMO to come if you say no to your SELF, again.


Q: Why do I have to apply? Can't I just book and claim my spot?

A: No, you cannot Deborah. I have been hosting retreats long enough to know that a group retreat is only as magical as the individuals taking part, and I will leave ZERO opportunity open for mishap or sabotage. How YOU experience this week means EVERYTHING to me, and I want to closely identify who says YES and contributes to this experience.

Q: What is NOT included in the tuition of this retreat experience?

A: Just your roundtrip airfare to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico Airport. Everything else: included but not limited to, roundtrip private airport transfers, ALL gourmet meals/snacks, Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverages, home amenities, event excursions, group and 1-on-1 intensive group sessions, spa offerings, etc. Trust me. I don't fuck around. Prepare to be blown away.

Q: I am concerned over the investment. Are payment plans going to be an option?

A: Naturally, I get it. And payment plans will be offered to participants on a case by case basis. I respect everyone's financial climate and wish to help alleviate stress however I can. I must however also be aware of the retreat standards I set, the overall quality, and accompanying boundaries that exist within an endeavor of this scale.

Q: Is all coaching provided by you personally?

A: All Enneagram-based coaching will be executed by me. I have also hired a trusted holistic money/abundance coach to accompany this experience for you in both group and individualized coach sessions. You will be SO taken care of and your expectations exceeded.

Q: Do I get my own room?

A: This retreat is especially curated in developing bonding strategies, relationship and communication strengths, and most importantly GROWTH. Rooms will be paired as I see appropriate. All participants will be guaranteed at least a queen size bed at double occupancy. Smaller beds will be single occupancy. Bottomline though: if being around people turns you off, it's probably best you sit this experience out.

All other questions and concerns can be addressed to: [email protected] 




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